Unveiling the Ayurvedic Rahasya to Weight Management: Awaken Balance, Achieve Samatva


Have you ever been trapped in a cycle of passing fads and failed weight loss attempts? You’re not alone. According to the ancient Sanskrit literature चतुःषष्टि कलाः पुरुषस्य, a human being is made up of sixty-four कला or कलाs. Among these कलाs, Swa-Sthya (well-being) is ultimate. However, current treatments frequently ignore these and other underlying … Read more

Sleep Well with Ayurveda: Conquering Sleep Imbalance with Ayurveda’s Ancient Wisdom


Sleep serves as a haven, an escape from the daily chaos. But it has been disturbed by the bustle of modern life, which contributes to common problems like insomnia. The ancient holistic living science of Ayurveda provides information on identifying and managing irregular sleep patterns. This article examines how Ayurveda views sleep, the effects of … Read more

Hemant Ritucharya- An Ayurvedic Guide To Holistic Winter Routine

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ऋतुविशेषवशाच्च आहारविहारसेवानप्रतिपादनार्थं ऋतुचर्याया: । The Six Season Of Ayurveda It is a heavy winter morning in early December. The grey skies and soft cold wind caressing your cheek are a welcome break from the sultry summer days. The sweet smell of Jasmine brings back some of your favourite childhood memories. You are tempted to snuggle … Read more

Charya for a Healthy Uterus

In different phases of life, women face several changes in their bodies. Being a teenager facing the red stain for the first time, giving birth to a new life in this world, and many hormonal changes. These changes in the body are associated with an incredible part of the body known as the UTERUS or … Read more