Your Ayurvedic Guide to Healthy and Radiant Skin

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining healthy skin is a challenging task due to various factors like pollution, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle habits. While cosmetic products promise quick fixes, the ancient practice of Ayurveda offers a holistic and natural approach to achieving glowing and youthful skin. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive Ayurvedic guide to … Read more

Understanding the 7 Layers of the Skin according to Ayurveda

Layers of skin in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, the skin is one of the “Panch dnyanenindriyas”. The set of these Panchdnyanendriyas consists of Chakshu indriya (eye), Shrotra indriya (ears), Ghrana indriya (nose), Rasna indriya (tongue), and Sparsha indriya (skin). These indriyas help us to give the sense of vision, listening, smell, taste and feel. Moreover, in Ayurveda, skin is classified into … Read more

Unlocking The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Face Oil: Night-Time Skincare Made Simple

Creating a soothing and effective night skincare routine is essential for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. A skincare routine is one of the major parts of healthy skin. Our skin is exposed to dust, harmful rays of the sun, other environmental pollutants, and none the less by chemically loaded beauty products, all this takes a … Read more

Monsoon Skin Care Tips & Routine – According To Ayurveda

monsoon skin care

The monsoon season brings relief from the sweltering summer heat and rejuvenates the earth with its refreshing showers. However, the change in weather patterns during the monsoon also affects our skin. High humidity levels and excess moisture in the air can cause skin problems like acne breakouts, fungal infections and a dull complexion. To maintain … Read more

Ancient Remedies For Modern Skin: Exploring Ayurvedic Treatment For Pimples And Acne

Pimples And Acne treatment

Pimples and acne are common skin problems that many people experience at some point in their lives. They can be both annoying and embarrassing, affecting people of all ages and genders. According to Ayurveda pimples and acne are considered to be the result of imbalanced doshas primarily Pitta and Kapha and Rakta. Pitta is associated … Read more