Charya for a Healthy Uterus

In different phases of life, women face several changes in their bodies. Being a teenager facing the red stain for the first time, giving birth to a new life in this world, and many hormonal changes. These changes in the body are associated with an incredible part of the body known as the UTERUS or … Read more

Ayurveda And Uterine Health: Empowering Women Through Holistic Care

The female reproductive system is a remarkable and intricate part of a woman’s body. At the core of this system lies the uterus, a key player in women’s overall health and fertility. Prioritizing uterine health through a holistic approach is essential for maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life journey. In this blog, we will explore … Read more

Gaining Ayurvedic Insights: Strengthening Your Immunity During The Monsoon Season

Monsoon care

Monsoons in India are unique. India receives plentiful rains from June to mid-September. Surroundings parched due to the heat of May, burst with life in the monsoon. It’s no surprise that this season brings heavy rainfall, but it also brings humid weather along with it. This makes it a favourable environment for infections and diseases. … Read more

Healthy Uterus! Healthy You! Ayurvedic Insights For Female Health

Healthy uterus

The beauty Discover the significance of the uterus in women’s health and learn Ayurvedic tips for healthy and balanced uterine well-being. Explore yoga, diet, and self-care practices for optimal female health. The uterus, also known as the “Garbhashaya” in Ayurveda or the “Womb,” is a remarkable female organ that holds significant importance in a woman’s … Read more

Periods Are Normal …. Period pain is not!

Period pain

Every woman experiences the natural phenomenon of periods, marking an essential aspect of her life. Periods are not something to be ashamed of or hidden away, but rather a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience that women possess. Not only this but it also signifies happy reproductive health. In Ayurveda, the term used for … Read more