Gaining Ayurvedic Insights: Strengthening Your Immunity During The Monsoon Season

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Monsoons in India are unique. India receives plentiful rains from June to mid-September. Surroundings parched due to the heat of May, burst with life in the monsoon. It’s no surprise that this season brings heavy rainfall, but it also brings humid weather along with it. This makes it a favourable environment for infections and diseases. … Read more

Ayurveda Tips for Wellness in Varsha Rutu (Monsoon Season)

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The beauty of nature is ever-changing, and with each season comes a unique set of characteristics which influences our physical and mental well-being. Ayurveda divides the year into six rutus or seasons. Monsoon or Varsha rutu, with its damp and humid weather, poses an increased risk of infections and can be challenging for individuals with … Read more