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Gaining Ayurvedic Insights: Strengthening Your Immunity During The Monsoon Season


Vd. Shweta Labde


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Monsoons in India are unique. India receives plentiful rains from June to mid-September. Surroundings parched due to the heat of May, burst with life in the monsoon. It’s no surprise that this season brings heavy rainfall, but it also brings humid weather along with it. This makes it a favourable environment for infections and diseases. But, our immune system safeguards our health by defending the body against harmful pathogens. During the monsoon season, it becomes even more critical to boost our immunity as it acts as the first line of defence against illnesses.

In this blog, we will discuss valuable insights and practical tips on how to increase immunity and maintain your health during the monsoon season. From dietary recommendations to lifestyle adjustments, we’ve got you covered with effective strategies to stay strong and protected during the monsoon.

How is immunity helpful in combating infections?

The immune system comprises a complex network of cells tissues and organs that work together to defend the body against harmful invaders. It identifies and destroys pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and parasites preventing them from causing infections. In Ayurveda, Vyadhikshamtva means the immune system. In simple terms, it is resistance, the power to fight diseases and protect ourselves. This is to prevent the different loads of diseases and to maintain a healthy life. It is the strength of our body to protect against diseases and to remain healthy.

In monsoon season, or Varsha Ritu, the Agni (digestive activity) and bala (strength) are naturally weak. The Agni, already debilitated by summer, decreases further and gets vitiated by the Doshas. In addition, this season is a time when Vata dosha gets aggravated and Pitta dosha accumulates leading to many diseases.

We often witness a rise in ailments such as cold and flu, dengue, malaria, typhoid and gastrointestinal infections. These illnesses can significantly affect our overall well-being and productivity. That is why it is essential to take preventive measures and strengthen our immune system to minimize sickness risk.

Monsoon season

How to achieve high immunity to fight diseases in the monsoon i.e. Varsha Ritu?

There are several ways to embrace the monsoon by enjoying it to the fullest rather than watching it from your window. It is essential to adopt all general measures to mitigate imbalanced doshas and improve immunity. It includes:

●  Follow a Seasonal Diet:

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of fresh and seasonal foods to maintain optimal health. During the monsoon, it is advisable to eat warm, easily digestible foods. Include soups,broths, lightly cooked vegetables and warming spices such as ginger, turmeric and cumin, hing in your diet. Stay hydrated by drinking warm herbal teas, ginger water or decoctions made from medicinal herbs like Tulsi (holy basil) and Neem (Azadiracta indicia).

●  Prevent Waterborne Infections:

In the monsoons waterborne diseases like Typhoid, cholera and hepatitis are common. Ayurveda suggests boiling water and cooling it before consumption.

As the monsoon season often leads to waterlogging and stagnant water, it becomes a breeding ground for insects, bacteria and viruses. To minimize the risk of infections it is advisable to avoid crowded places where there may be a higher chance of transmitting diseases.

●  Strengthen Digestive Fire:

Ayurveda considers digestion the cornerstone of health. A strong digestive fire known as Agni helps in the efficient breakdown and absorption of nutrients while eliminating toxins. Include digestive spices like ginger, black pepper, cardamom and fennel in your meals. Avoid heavy greasy or processed foods that can dampen Agni and compromise your immunity.

●  Herbal Support:

Ayurveda offers a range of herbs and herbal formulations to boost immunity. Consider incorporating herbs such as Amla (Indian gooseberry), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) and turmeric into your daily routine. These medicinal plants possess powerful immunomodulatory properties and strengthen body defence mechanisms.

However, it is essential to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to determine the appropriate dosage and consumption method.

You can also introduce “Herbal Tea” infused with various immuno-boosting herbs like Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi and Shunthi into your evening tea routine, to boost your immunity.

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●  Lifestyle Measures:

Apart from dietary changes Ayurveda (the science of life) emphasizes certain lifestyle practices to enhance immunity. Some of these changes include:

Adequate sleep routine: Getting enough quality sleep is vital for immune health. Aim for 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night to rejuvenate and repair.

Exercise: Getting Engage in moderate physical activity to stimulate circulation and enhance natural detoxification processes. Practice yoga, walking or other forms of exercise regularly.

Stress Management: Stress depletes the immune system. Ayurveda recommends stress-relieving practices like meditation and deep breathing exercises to promote mental well-being.

Personal Hygiene: Maintain personal hygiene by washing hands regularly, especially before meals to prevent infection spread.

Maintaining a Clean and Moisture-free Environment: The humidity is at its peak during the monsoon. So it is mandatory to keep yourself in a clean and moisture-free environment, to prevent the growth of various unwanted bacterial, fungal and protozoan infections.


To be precise, understanding the importance of immunity in the monsoon season is vital to protect yourself from potential health risks. Strengthening the immune system is of the utmost importance, especially during the monsoon season when infections are high.

By adopting a balanced diet, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, getting sufficient sleep, maintaining personal hygiene and taking necessary preventative measures, you can enhance your immune system’s ability to fight off infections.

Integrating Ayurveda’s wisdom into your lifestyle can contribute a long way in keeping you healthy and protected during the monsoon. So let’s embrace these tips and boost our immunity to enjoy a safe and joyful monsoon season

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Vd. Shweta Labde

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