Sukhada Granules – Menstrual well-being


For healthy periods and menstrual well-being.

Period problems indicate ill health of your गर्भाशय (Uterus)It can be a precursor to more severe problems. Sukhada Granules – is an easy-to-make ‘Dip and Drink Ayurvedic kadha‘, packed with the goodness of Ayurveda herbs. This kadha corrects the functioning of vata (वात) from the uterus and resolves your menstrual issues. Sukhada Kadha will indeed bless you with healthy periods and menstrual well-being.

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Sukhada Kadha brings you the goodness of Ayurveda and an infusion of herbs like Dashmool, Haridra & Hingu. Sukhada Kadha balances dosha deep inside your body instead of resolving surface-level issues.


Brand – Charya Ayurveda

Item Form – Granules

Age Range – Beneficial for all menstruating women and girls

Material feature – Natural

Net Quantity: 20 grams (2 grams x10 packets)

100% Natural

100% natural products based on the philosophy of Ayurveda

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sukhada Granules?

Sukhada Granules is an Ayurvedic Kadha (decoction), packed into granules. It is a combination of herbs based on the principles of Ayurveda, to relieve menstrual pain
and facilitates menstrual well-being,

Is Sukhada Granules free of synthetic chemicals and agents?

Yes, Sukhada Granules is completely free of synthetic chemicals and agents. The kadha is prepared with Ayurvedic herbs using traditional methods mentioned in the
scriptures of Ayurveda and then made into granules.

What are the ingredients of Sukhada Granules?

Sukhada Granules contain Ayurvedic herbs like Dashmool, Erandmul, Haridra (turmeric) rhizome, Hing niruyas, Parsik yavani and Manjistha root.

How does Sukhada Granules work?

Deranged movement of vata dosha is the cause for abdominal pain, cramps, and discomfort. It is also responsible for irregular, scanty or heavy menstrual bleeding.
Sukhada Granules primarily regulates the movement of vitiated Vata and its functioning in the uterine cavity; and thus, not only relieves the severe abdominal cramps, backache and other symptoms experienced during menstruation but also regulates the menstrual flow.

How to use Sukhada Granules?

Sukhada Granules is a “Dip and Drink Kadha”, you can carry in your pocket.A traditional Kadha recipe packed in a sachet just for your convenience.Each pack of Sukhada Granules contains 10 packets of granules.Open a sachet – Dip the granules bag in a cup of hot water, and your kadha will be ready in seconds. Sip it warm.

How many times can I drink this kadha during menstruation?

Usually, once is enough, but you can repeat the dose as much as 4 times a day ,if the pain persists and is severe. As you continue using Sukhada granules, You will start experiencing less intensity pain in upcoming cycles.

From what age one can consume Sukhada Granules?

Sukhada Granules kadha is recommended for menstruating age group. Any one experiencing menstrual pain right from age 11 years and above can benefit from Sukhada granules.

Does Sukhada Granules have any side effects?

No, Sukhada granules are made from herbs which help attain dosha balance, and do not have any side effects.

What precautions do I need to take before consuming Sukhada Granules kadha?

No precautions as such are required to take before consuming Sukhada kadha. It is advisable to add a teaspoon of ghee if you are a patient of chronic hyperacidity.

Do I need to follow any dietary restrictions while consuming Sukhada Granules kadha?

No, you do not have to follow any dietary restrictions while consuming Sukhada Granules kadha.

3 reviews for Sukhada Granules – Menstrual well-being

  1. Amruta Jadhav (verified owner)

    Great Product!

    I highly recommend Sukhada Granules Ayurvedic Dip & Drink Kadha for anyone looking to find relief from period pain.

    It’s a delightful and potent blend of herbs that offers not only pain relief but also a sense of and well-being during menstruation.

  2. Chaitali Sakhale

    I recently came across Sukhada, an Ayurvedic product specifically designed to alleviate menstrual pain. As someone who has suffered from severe menstrual cramps for years, I was eager to try this natural solution. To my delight, Sukhada proved to be an absolute game-changer in managing my pain and discomfort during my periods.
    Upon using Sukhada for the first time, I noticed a significant reduction in pain within a surprisingly short span, providing quick relief from cramps.
    Furthermore, Sukhada’s user-friendly packaging and clear instructions made it easy to incorporate into my routine. The product comes in convenient sachets, making it portable and perfect for on-the-go use.
    Altogether, Sukhada deserves high praise for its exceptional efficacy in relieving menstrual pain. Thank you Sukhada for making my periods easier, smoother, and far more manageable.

  3. Bhakti Dalal

    A real life-saver during periods!
    After I’ve started using Sukhada I am able to go about my daily routine without feeling overwhelmed by cramps and period pain. Moreover, the fact that it is an ayurvedic kadha based on 100% natural ingredients perfectly aligns with my preference for holistic wellness solutions

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