Women’s Essential Combo: Sukhada + Naari Charya

(For menstrual well-being, uterine health & cleansing of intimate body parts)

Women’s Essential Combo Pack, crafted to prioritize your menstrual and intimate health through Ayurvedic wisdom. Sukhada Granules address uterus imbalances. It balances Vata (वात) Dosha, resolves your menstrual problem and keeps your uterus healthy. 


Naari Charya Wash goes beyond usual cleansers, deeply and gently cleansing the vaginal area. This supports vaginal passage purification, promoting optimal intimate health. 


This combo is perfect for your overall uterus well-being

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Sukhada Granules – Dip & Drink Ayurvedic काढा

For Severe Issues

Irregular periods?

PCOD – Non-ovulatory cycle


Have Sukhada काढा daily as a morning health drink

For Moderate Issues

Period pain, backache, and pimples a week before the periods

Scanty flow, or clots during periods?

Have Sukhada काढा 4 days before and 4 days during periods

For Mild Issues

Mild period pain, backache, mood swings and uneasiness during periods

Have Sukhada काढा during 4-5 days of menstruation

Naari Charya Wash – Dip & Wash Ayurvedic काढा

For Moderate to Severe Issues
White , or any vaginal discharge (1)

White , or any vaginal discharge / Foul smell

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness / Itching at or around intimate area

Pain at vaginal area

Pain at vaginal area / Pain during intercourse

Burning, redness / Boils or swelling

Wash the vaginal area with Naari Charya Kadha while bathing for 4 successive days.

Later use it twice a week for intimate care

Product Description

Brand – Charyā Ayurveda

Item form: Granules

Age range: Post puberty (13yrs and above)

Material feature: Natural

Net Quantity: 20g (2g x 10 Pkts)

Sukhada Granules: Sukhada Granules – A combination of herbs from ancient Ayurveda, which facilitates menstrual wellbeing. It eases menstrual flow, relieves abdominal pain, back pain and cramps during periods thus making the menstrual days easy, pain free and peaceful.

Naari Charya Wash: Naari Charya intimate wash is a ready herbal decoction, packed into granules. Once infused in hot water it releases the herbs to form a decoction within minutes.

100% Natural

100% natural products based on the philosophy of Ayurveda

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How To Use

  • Dip Sukhada Granules pack in a cup of hot water
  • Let it stay for 2 min & the kadha will be ready to drink
  • For additional benefits add a tsp of ghee to it
  • During the bath take a half mug of hot water
  • Dip the Naari Charya pack in it and keep it for 2 min
  • Sit in a squatting position and wash the vaginal passage with the Kadha

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Sukhada Granules

What is Sukhada Granules?

Sukhada Granules is an Ayurvedic Kadha (decoction), packed into granules. It is a combination of herbs based on the principles of Ayurveda, to relieve menstrual pain and facilitates menstrual well-being,

Is Sukhada Granules free of synthetic chemicals and agents?

Yes, Sukhada Granules is completely free of synthetic chemicals and agents. The kadha is prepared with Ayurvedic herbs using traditional methods mentioned in the scriptures of Ayurveda and then made into granules.

What are the ingredients of Sukhada Granules?

Sukhada Granules contain Ayurvedic herbs like Dashmool, Erandmul, Haridra (turmeric) rhizome, Hing niruyas, Parsik yavani and Manjistha root.

How does Sukhada Granules work?

Deranged movement of vata dosha is the cause for abdominal pain, cramps, and discomfort. It is also responsible for irregular, scanty or heavy menstrual bleeding.Sukhada Granules primarily regulates the movement of vitiated Vata and its functioning in the uterine cavity; and thus, not only relieves the severe abdominal cramps, backache and other symptoms experienced during menstruation but also regulates the menstrual flow.

How to use Sukhada Granules?

Sukhada Granules is a “Dip and Drink Kadha”, you can carry in your pocket.A traditional Kadha recipe packed in a sachet just for your convenience.Each pack of Sukhada Granules contains 10 packets of granules.Open a sachet – Dip the granules bag in a cup of hot water, and your kadha will be ready in seconds. Sip it warm.

How many times can I drink this kadha during menstruation?

Usually, once is enough, but you can repeat the dose as much as 4 times a day ,if the pain persists and is severe. As you continue using Sukhada granules, You will start experiencing less intensity pain in upcoming cycles.

From what age one can consume Sukhada Granules?

Sukhada Granules kadha is recommended for menstruating age group. Any one experiencing menstrual pain right from age 11 years and above can benefit from Sukhada granules.

Does Sukhada Granules have any side effects?

No, Sukhada granules are made from herbs which help attain dosha balance, and do not have any side effects.

What precautions do I need to take before consuming Sukhada Granules kadha?

No precautions as such are required to take before consuming Sukhada kadha. It is advisable to add a teaspoon of ghee if you are a patient of chronic hyperacidity.

Do I need to follow any dietary restrictions while consuming Sukhada Granules kadha?

No, you do not have to follow any dietary restrictions while consuming Sukhada Granules kadha.

Naari Charya Wash

What is Naari Charya Wash?

Naari Charya Wash is a DIP and WASH, intimate wash which is a ready herbal decoction, packed into granules that is used for washing female intimate areas. Naari Charya wash is meant for intimate part hygiene.

Is it free of synthetic chemicals and agents?

Yes, Naari Charya Wash – is a herbal decoction absolutely free from chemicals. It is made from Ayurvedic herbs and completely safe for Intimate Hygiene Care

Is it safe?

Yes, Naari Charya Wash – Intimate Hygiene Care is completely safe for all ages to use for female intimate hygiene.

Are there any side-effects of Naari Charya Wash?

No, there are no side-effects of Naari Charya wash.

How is it different from other intimate hygiene products?

Naari Charya Wash is prepared with ayurvedic herbs, tried and tested since old times, with ‘ZERO’ usage of synthetic chemicals and agents. Soaps and products that contain synthetic chemicals tend to disturb the vaginal PH causing irritation and burning sensation.

What are the ingredients of Naari Charya Wash?

Naari Charya Wash has been prepared with cleansing and vata pacifying herbs using Triphala, Dashmool and Lodhra as primary ingredients.

How many times can use this product in a day?

Regular usage of Naari Charya Wash is recommended for the intimate area well-being of every woman. We recommend to consult your physician before using this product.

Is there a recommendation for women’s age group that can use this product?

This product can be used by women of age 12 and above.

How to use Naari Charya wash? Is it consumable or for external use only?

Naari Charya Wash is meant for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Dip 1 sachet of Naari Charya DIP and wash in hot water. The herbs release into the water to form a decoction. Cleanse/ wash the intimate area with the ready Naari Charya decoction

Can I use Naari Charya wash even when I do not have any infection or irritation in vagina?

Yes, Naari Charya Wash can be used even when there is no irritation or vaginal infection. Regular usage of Naari Charya Wash ensures intimate hygiene and keeps issues like irritation and infections away.


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