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Charya : Key to a Balanced Mind and Body


Vd. Shweta Labde


Charya is a Key Balanced Mind and Body

Ayurveda shastra not only provides knowledge about treating diseases but also emphasizes on the importance of maintaining good health. The concept of Charyā, which means routine or regimen, plays a vital role in Ayurveda’s approach to holistic health.

Charyā is a Sanskrit word, an Ayurvedic terminology that describes the aachaar (mode of behavior/conduct) as suggested by Shastra i.e., Ayurveda Samhitas (texts). All the physical, mental, verbal, and emotional actions or behavior fall under the term Charyā. These acts, when associated methodically with regards to the place, time of day, season, year, age, phase in life, or any activity – form Charyā.

Charitoom aacharitoomarhe tatcharya | shastraniyat aachaar

Charyā is a set of activities or code of conduct, meticulously designed by taking into consideration the dosha, dhatus, and mala in the body. It is very important to follow the code of conduct as mentioned in Ayurveda texts for any activity. This helps to achieve the equilibrium of the dosha dhatu mala triad, optimum health, prevention of disease, and maintaining the Swasthya or well-being of an individual. Ayurveda explains Swatshya as a balance of dosha, dhatu, mala, and agni along with a pleasant state of mind, senses, and emotions.

Types of Charyā as per Ayurveda

Sushrut Samhita

Ayurveda describes the conduct code for everything we do. Just to mention few Charyās that are explained in Ayurveda are –

Dincharyā (दिनचर्या)

Regime for our daily routine. The daily routine depends on the dominance of Dosha and the period of the day, so the Charyā to be followed at a particular time of the day balances the bodily dosha. Eg. Morning hours are kapha dominant and so the procedures like Dantadhawan (brushing), kawal (gargles), gandush (oil pulling), dhoomapan (smoke inhalation), nasya is recommended to cleanse and balance kapha.

Ratricharyā (रात्रीचर्या)

Ratri is night, thus the routine to be followed during the night is ratricharyā. The routine mentioned helps induce sound sleep, along with physical and mental relaxation.

Rutucharyā (ऋतूचर्या)

Charyā for every rutu i.e., 6 seasons. It consider the variations in all the 6 seasons. With every changing season, there occurs variation in levels of dosha, which ultimately reflects symptoms. When the respective Charyā for the season is followed, it normalizes the dosha and achieves well-being.

Rajaswala Charyā (रजस्वलाचर्या)

Code of Conduct during menstruation. Menstruation is a hormonal play, where vata dosha is in action. Overindulgence in any activities disturbs the Vata balance and health. If the Charyā for menstruation is followed well, this balance can be attained.

Garbhini paricharyā (गर्भिणी परिचर्या)

Special care and behavior during pregnancy. The month-wise plan including diet, exercise, oil application, etc. for the well-being of the mother and the development of the baby is known as Garbhini paricharyā.

Sutika paricharyā (सुतिका परिचर्या)

Routine to be followed during the post-natal period. This routine consists of the procedures to be followed after labor, which include daily abhyanga with medicated oil, medicated sudation, diet, belly binding, and sleep. This Charyā must be followed for 45 days.

Balak paricharyā (बालक परिचर्या)

Balak paricharyā is the childcare routine, wherein children and the activities like care, bathing, feeding, and playing for their well-being are classified as per age viz. infant, toddlers, and kids.

Aharcharyā (आहार चर्या)

Rules to be followed before, during, and after eating. This includes details about dietary rules, such as cooking methods, time for meals, tastes to be included in the diet, sitting posture, etc.

Charya Types

Similarly, for every activity or phase in our life, Ayurveda has designed a certain set of rules, Dos, and Don’ts, which help us achieve a healthy lifestyle, all of this is ‘charyā’. Follow these Ayurvedic Charyā and enjoy a blissful life. It is recommended to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to create a personalized Charyā that is tailored to one’s specific needs and dosha balance.

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Vd. Shweta Labde

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